“Dealmaker” TV shows

I was housesitting for my folks and, as is usual for me, had a lot of Star Trek, 30 Rock, etc. playing on Netflix on their DVR while doing other things. The DVR was a lot more aggressive than other Netflix clients I’ve used in terms of booting you off when it thinks you’re idle, though. So I’d come up from the laundry or the like and it’d be on cable TV, and I’d mostly ignore it because background noise is background noise. (I am a supremely lazy person.)

Anyway, my parents have a very extensive set of shows that they record during the day, so the TV would randomly change channels. That’s how I ended up seeing a show on… whatever the fuck network, where this guy was buying busted-ass old jalopies from sad old men.

What amazed me about this is that they’d do an extensive research piece showing just how unique and cool this car was, and it’d cut to the beefy protagonist talking about how much he wanted this car, and then it’d immediately cut to him telling this sad old man it was worth shit and he’d buy it with his pocket change and a bent cigarette. They’d haggle back and forth, with occasional cuts to the beefy protagonist stressing how much he was messing his pants over the idea of having this car, as well as how he absolutely did not want to pay this man what it was worth.

Halfway through this one-way-mirror’d game of hardball, the DVR switched to prepare to record a rerun of the Daily Show. So I’ll never know how it ended. But for once I hope that Smirky McBeefcake walked away without that tricked-out old husk, or at least a few thousand bucks lighter than he had expected.