Observations, diet, of

  • It’s amazing how much just the act of keeping a food journal discourages me from idle snacking
  • It’s amazing how much the body can get used to habitually overeating, to the point that it registers the lack of complete satiation as hunger
  • The temptation to lie is pretty intense, but I feel like even giving in once would derail the whole operation. Of course, I’m not going to give up if I do lie… but I should be able to go back and make myself tell the truth
  • I always forget how much nervous energy I end up having when I eat less
  • I’d like to say I feel wonderful and fresh and powerful, but mostly it’s an unfocused fretfulness that expresses itself in rambling blog comments and blog posts and IRC chatlogs and fruitless code experiments
  • Anger can be an effective motivator, but I don’t think it has much sustaining power
  • I am going to let myself take as long as I need and do whatever I have to in order to get momentum in this