Christmas Hack Day Three: I Am A Terrible Blogger

Been too busy/lazy to write. I spent Saturday dozing and cleaning, and finally started writing code on Sunday. However, I got a lot done today. Here’s the Github repo, for reference:

I have the internal data structures used to represent an arena and its contents set up. Very basic event emit/catch for objects is set up as well. I can place objects (I’m calling them “blocks”) onto the arena and then request a list of items to render.

I also have SDL integrated and a working main loop. So now I’m rendering that list of items and can quit by pressing Escape.

Here’s what it looks like so far, for what it’s worth:


This is about where I expected to be right now. I’ll probably only be able to work intermittently over the next few days (family stuff and all) but my next priority is to start working on the netplay. (Yes, I’m doing the first pass of the netplay before handling input. I am crazy.) What I’m angling for is a command-line peer that can emit various events that should then be able to affect the graphics displayed.