Christmas Hack Day Zero: The Plan

I’m going to start working on my game idea tomorrow. I have a pretty good idea of the mechanics of a single level. I’ve picked a language (C, with prototyping in Ruby), a networking library (ZeroMQ), a graphics library (SDL 2.0). I’ve created a skeleton project on GitHub.

My plan is to get at least an hour of work in every day, but hopefully a lot more. I do have social plans throughout the holidays — spending time with two different friends over this weekend, time with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas, a holiday party with friends later this week, and possibly some New Year’s stuff. I also have committed to getting out of the house every day and making sure I keep up on my chores around the house. These are the kind of things you have to commit yourself to when you’re a chronic depressive.

Tomorrow I’ll be pretty busy cleaning up my house and spending time with a friend, but I’m hoping to at least start doing some concrete design. I hope to have basic graphics rendering by Monday, recognizable gameplay by the end of the day on Christmas, working netplay by the 28th, and a beatable single level by Monday the 30th. I’ll be making at least one status post every day.

I know nobody’s reading this but me, but I’m hoping to be able to look back on what I did and learn more about how I think and work.

Here goes!