More CH game notes

General concepts I want to stick to:

  • Realtime: It’s more interesting for me to work on a realtime game than a turn-based one, and turn-based mechanics are harder to get right for multiplayer games anyway. For related reasons, I want object movement to be smooth as well.
  • Natural object layout: As opposed to tiled, if I can pull it off. I’ve played with a lot of turn-based tile-based games, and I’d like to break out of that rut.
  • Peaceful: No weapons, no killing. Strictly cooperative work to achieve goals. At least some of the puzzles I’ve thought about involve living things, and others involve things like rolling boulders, explosives, etc. I don’t know if I want to penalize players for trying to blow up a tiger or whatever, but it shouldn’t do anything. The conceit I’m thinking about would justify bomb-proof tigers, luckily…
  • Repeatability: No ways to lose items or make puzzles stuck. If there’s a bomb, it should come from a magically infinite bomb box.