I’m going to be presenting Concurrency and Parallelism in Ruby at the Portland Ruby Brigade. This is just an overview talk about the history of concurrent and parallel programming in Ruby, what options exist today, and what we might do in the future. The slides are just a rough list of talking points – pdx.rb is a fairly conversational environment, so I expect this to be more of a guided conversation than a presentation. I’m looking into getting an audio recording of the talk – if that works out, I’ll upload it for everyone’s consumption.

I’ve also been working with Jesse Cooke on, a resource for people who are interested in concurrency, parallelism, and performance in Ruby. The content is very sparse now, but I’m working on that. The goal is not to favor any particular approach or style, so threads, events, processes, and whatever else are all valid topics. The only thing we’re advocating is more and better tools and information. If that sounds interesting to you, please fork it and contribute!

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